Thousands of books have been published on the topic of college admissions, and no one can be expected to read them all (except, of course, for Independent Educational Consultants who can’t learn enough about college admissions) Here are our top 4 recommendations:

At Great College Fit, we believe ALL college-bound high school students should read Cal Newport’s 2010 book, How to Be A High School Superstar in ninth or tenth grade. This is a GREAT READ for parents, too, as it provides some practical advice on how to develop interestingness. (Be sure to check out our blog about Interestingness.)

Who Gets In and Why by Jeffrey Selingo was published in 2020 and gives a comprehensive look at the reality of college admissions today.

The College Solution, by Lynn O’Shaughnessy is a great resource for all things “financial aid.” Her website and blog are amazing resources too.

The Truth About College Admission, A Family Guide to Getting In and Staying Together. by Brennan Barnard and Rick Clark.

Applying to college can be complicated and most parents end up feeling overwhelmed. Families can better understand the process by using resources that have been vetted by a professional…which is why we recommend these books and online resources. Find more resources here.