Comprehensive College Counseling Program


Comprehensive College Counseling Program for Grades 11-12

Studies have shown that students often limit their college choices to schools that their friends attend, those that have nationally renowned sports teams, or those located close to home. At Great College Fit, we broaden these potential choices by helping students identify colleges that will be the right fit for them based on their own unique educational, social, and personal needs.

Is your child a Rising Senior?
The Great College Fit Comprehensive Counseling Program typically starts in the spring of a student’s junior year, when he or she is considered a “rising” senior. The process starts by pairing your child with a private college counselor, who will take the time to help your child identify his or her future goals and what he or she wants out of college. Once the college counselor understands what is important to your child, together they will determine which right fit colleges meet his or her needs.

Our private Comprehensive College Counseling Program includes:

  • Identifying personal interests
  • Guided college major exploration
  • Advice and guidance on developing a realistic college list
  • Assessing admission probability
  • Development of a personalized application timeline
  • Devising several different submission strategies
  • Creating a personalized, thematic application
  • Support in organization and accountability
  • Personalized preparation for admissions interviews
  • Guidance on how (and when) to secure letters of recommendation
  • Assistance with completing error-free applications, including the Common Application
  • Assistance with writing, revising, and perfecting winning personal statements
  • Providing support for parents who need an ally
  • And much more
Competitive Edge College Counseling Graduates


How does it work?

At Great College Fit, rising seniors work one-on-one with their college counselor over a period of months, usually beginning in spring of the junior year. Each college counseling session is spent moving through the steps of our comprehensive proprietary program. Our comprehensive college counseling program breaks down the overwhelming process of applying (determining student needs/wants, researching colleges, assessing admissions probability and submitting applications) into manageable steps. After determining multiple right fit colleges (we always focus on finding fit in three main areas: financial, social and academic) our students are supported through every step of the application process. Parents receive on-going communication throughout the process and students receive personalized guidance and support even after they are admitted and enroll in college.




How much does it cost?

Our comprehensive college counseling package price is a flat fee that includes unlimited support and guidance from an expert in college admissions. Because we personalize our services to meet the needs of every student, we don’t stop until the job is done. For pricing information, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can share with you how awesome our program is and discuss how we might be able to help your family.






Are we too late to start?

Maybe, but we doubt it. Although starting the process early is always preferred, (more time=less stress) we have been successful starting with students as late as October of their senior year. Sophomore year is the ideal time to start researching independent educational consultants so that you can ensure you find someone you like and can work with comfortably; and spring of your junior year is a great time to officially get under way with the search process.






Can you guarantee admission to my first choice school?

No, and you should run from anyone who says they can! But at Great College Fit, we can guarantee that we will work tirelessly with each of our students to ensure that you are being presented to admissions officers in the best way possible. We guarantee that we will advise you in the way we would advise our own kids and will always share our expertise and proven strategies to find the best-fit colleges for you.




Why choose Great College Fit?

Our passion for all things “college” is obvious the moment you meet us. We develop personal relationships with our clients and are personally invested in our students’ success. Because our background is entirely in the field of education, we have a fundamental understanding of the needs of students, the needs of parents and the entire college admissions process, which is something not all independent educational consultants can say. We truly enjoy sharing our extensive knowledge with our families and work in partnership with them to support and encourage students through their high school years.



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