College Admissions Preparation Program (CAPP)


Private Consultation

Students and families of younger students (grades 8-10) who have questions about college admissions, high school planning and extracurricular participation can schedule a one-hour consultation with a Great College Fit counselor. Parents and students can get answers to all of their college admissions-related questions, as well as receive guidance and insight into maximizing the student’s high school years.



CAPP Program

At the start of the second half of high school, many students (and their parents) begin to feel anxious about applying to college. Our College Admissions Preparation Program supports college-bound high school sophomores and juniors. CAPP curriculum is designed to meet the unique needs of high school students in the following ways:

  • Developing time management/organization skills
  • Incorporating effective study skills
  • Managing stress and balancing the demands of challenging courses
  • Researching personalized summer opportunities (volunteer, internships and paid employment)
  • Identifying academic and extracurricular interests
  • Deciding between the SAT and ACT and developing a personalized standardized testing plan
  • Understanding how the college application process works
  • Building a resume
  • Maximizing college visits and college fairs
  • Finding resources for paying for college, finding scholarships and understanding financial aid
  • Understanding the college application process
  • Basics of starting the search for colleges that “fit” the student’s social, academic and financial needs.

Students in our CAPP program benefit from regular monthly meetings with a counselor as well as on-going academic support.
(NOTE: CAPP is currently offered only in our Orange County, CA location)


Can we enroll in CAPP and the comprehensive counseling package?

Sure, but not at the same time! CAPP is designed to meet the needs of current high school sophomores and juniors who are interested in learning all they can about how to position themselves to be competitive college applicants.




How will my student benefit from the CAPP Program?

We find that students are often at a loss as to how to even begin the college search/application process. Our CAPP program is designed to introduce the future applicant to everything s/he needs to know in an accessible and friendly way—well in advance of when they need to know it. Advance preparation is the best way to ensure that students have a stress-free process when it is time to apply to college. CAPP participants will gain useful tools and strategies that they can use throughout high school and take with them to college.



When does the CAPP program start?

We realize that our students have a lot of external stressors and are typically very busy with school and extra-curriculars. Adding the prospect of competitive college admissions can be overwhelming, which is why we like to start the CAPP program as early as possible in the student’s sophomore or junior year of high school.



Why choose Great College Fit?

Our passion for all things “college” is obvious the moment you meet us. We develop personal relationships with our clients and are personally invested in our students’ success. Because our background is entirely in the field of education, we have a fundamental understanding of the needs of students, the needs of parents and the entire college admissions process, which is something not all independent educational consultants can say. We truly enjoy sharing our extensive knowledge with our families and work in partnership with them to support and encourage students through their high school years.



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