Comprehensive College Counseling services include:

  • Overview and support regarding the college admissions process, including what colleges are looking for, current admissions trends, and the importance of developing a well-researched, balanced, realistic college list.
  • Thorough review of the the student’s academic and test records–including activities and interests–to develop a list of great fit colleges
  • Self assessment to help the student to understand and appreciate his/her individual strengths, interests, learning style attributes, academic and career goals and preferences for types of college environments
  • Guided college research to determine multiple best-fit colleges.
  • Preparing for effective college interviews-when applicable
  • SAT or ACT?  Choosing and scheduling standardized tests
  • Preparing resumé
  • Brainstorming, writing, and editing the personal statement and supplements as needed
  • Selecting high school classes
  • Choosing co-curricular activities
  • Developing leadership opportunities
  • Development of a strategic approach to applying, including use of binding and non binding admission plans (ED 1, ED 2, EA, Rolling and Regular) and  timing, to maximize options
  • Intense review of all applications prior to submission
  • Assistance in understanding how to secure great letters of recommendation.
  • Getting everything done early–well before deadlines.
  • Parent financial aid overview
  • Student Transitioning to College workshop to prepare students for a smooth college transition.


  • Development of a comprehensive student profile
  • Thorough review of the the student’s academic and test records
  • Guidance on standardized test selection, calendaring and preparation
  • Development of a personalized four-year academic plan
  • Study skills assessment and instruction
  • Personal interest exploration
  • Community service, volunteer, summer program planning
  • Regular academic check-ins
  • Assistance in developing self-advocacy skills
  • Explanation of the college admissions process

Please note: While our counselors guide the student in preparing all parts of the college applications,
every application is exclusively the work of the student. 

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