Benefits of College Counseling

Benefits of Private College Counseling

Choosing the right college is one of the most important decisions students and families will make. A student’s college experience significantly impacts his or her personal growth and future plans. Finding the right fit, however, is not always easy and can be a stressful process. There are many factors to consider when searching for the right college. That is where a private college counselor plays a vital role.

Private college counselors supplement the work of high school guidance counselors by providing students with personalized, individual attention outside of normal school hours. Nationally, on average, high school students receive A TOTAL of 38 minutes of personal college admissions guidance from their high school counselors.

Private College Counseling

Private college counselors have the knowledge, expertise, and passion that it takes to assist families in navigating the complicated world of higher education. Unlike high school counselors, private college counselors are able to research and visit colleges extensively, work closely with students and families to ensure a great match, and help students stay organized and on schedule. Private college counselors also strive to match students to colleges and universities where they can best thrive and succeed. Evidence suggests students who work with a private college counselor are more likely to remain at a college through graduation.

Consider this:

  • Public school counselors spend 24% of their time on college counseling.
  • Private school counselors spend 52% of their time on college counseling.
  • At Competitive Edge, our private college counselors spend 100% of our time on college counseling.

Of particular importance to student success is access to a strong precollege guidance and counseling program that begins early in the student’s education. Counselors can be significant assets in the college admission process. Students face additional challenges without strong counselors to help them, which can make the college application and admission process more difficult.

--the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC)

“State of College Admission” report, 2014

More things most parents don’t know about college counseling:

    • American high school students, on average, receive a total of 38 minutes of personal college admissions guidance
    • There are nearly no high school counselors (public or private) who have the time required to individualize the college search and application processes
    • The NACAC recommended student-to-counselor ratio is 250:1
    • California’s student to counselor ratio is 818:1
    • Colorado’s student to counselor ratio is 396:1
    • Students who work with an IEC are FOUR times more likely to attend a private college and THREE times more likely to attend an out-of-state college

    To find out more about selecting an IEC for your family, please click here.

    Source: NACAC 2014 State of College Admission Report

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