As the school year comes to a close for our high school students, our thoughts turn to the excitement of graduation and their impending move to college. Here is our advice to these future college freshmen. Feel free to share.
• Expose yourself to all sorts of new people, things and activities.
• Dare to do that which you’ve never done before.
• Be patient with yourself. This is a HUGE change and it will take time to adjust to a new environment, new expectations, new people, etc.
• Talk to your professors. They are great resources to improve your brain.
• Don’t get a job your first semester. Focus on school instead.
• Do everything! Is your dorm hosting a trip to a local venue to see a game? Go!
• Buy tickets and attend games and events at your school. Support the home team.
• Ask around to find the “good professors.”
• Text your mom. Regularly.
• Don’t drink alcohol. Ever.
• Be safe on campus at night (don’t walk alone, etc.)
• Work hard and do your best. You’re in college to get an education and this should be your priority.
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